Broker Petra Capital crossed a line of 46.4 million shares in Core Lithium on Wednesday, worth $48 million and making up about 2.7 per cent of the company.

Listed lithium play Anson Resources was fronting investors with a $45 million share placement on Thursday morning to fund exploration work at its Utah project.

ASX-listed Queensland gas explorer Comet Ridge Limited has hired three brokers to raise $22 million, in part to pay back debt owed to Santos which is due just after Christmas.

Listed loudspeaker developer Audio Pixels Holdings was asking investors for a $10 million cash injection on Monday morning.

Capital raises are back for listed resources juniors, with a spate of cash calls on Wednesday morning.

ASX-listed Canadian rare earths producer Vital Metals was out with a $45 million placement on Thursday afternoon, telling investors private equity firm Lionhead Resources would tip in at least $30 million as a cornerstone investor.

Bauxite miner Metro Mining is after $20 million at 2¢ a share in a placement via Shaw and Partners and Petra Capital.

Oil and gas junior Blue Energy was fronting investors with a $20 million share placement on Tuesday morning to pay for appraisal drilling and testing at its North Bowen basin and Surat basin projects.

West Australian explorer Galena Mining was asking investors for $15 million on Monday morning for work at its lead, silver project Abra.