Petra Capital Participate in Burpees for Boobs 2021


Petra Capital have made significant contributions to the Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation over recent years.

The Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation works to increase awareness of early detection, in an aim to improve the survival rate of breast cancer, whilst continuing to fund the best possible treatment and care for patients and their families. Here in Australia, 1 in 7 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer every day – it is the most commonly diagnosed cancer, and sadly, 8 people will die each day from this disease.

This year the team at Petra Capital are participating in the Burpees for Boobs 2021 Challenge. Our team is committing to daily burpees for the month of October and will make a generous donation to support women with breast cancer.

Petra Capital has made donations to a range of charitable, welfare and support organisations, and will continue to share its success with those in need. To see other charities Petra Capital has made donations to, please click here.