Proactive Investors: Comet Resources appoints joint lead managers for capital raise, MD invites investor queries


Comet Resources has appointed Jett Capital Advisors LLC and Petra Capital Pty Ltd to joint-manage the company’s $50 million capital raise as part of the acquisition transaction, while Euroz Hartleys will co-manage Comet’s public offer. Additionally, managing director Matthew O’Kane will answer shareholder queries in an interview to be released mid-June.

Comet Resources Ltd (ASX:CRL) is advancing efforts to acquire the Mount Margaret Copper Mine in Queensland from Glencore PLC (LSE:GLEN), with an approval meeting set for June 27, and the appointment of joint lead managers for the company’s capital raising efforts.

In addition, Comet Resources managing director Mathew O’Kane will conduct a video interview to answer shareholder queries on the transaction and company plans post completion, to be distributed by press release and the company website around mid-June.

The capital raising efforts for the acquisition transaction will be led by Jett Capital Advisors LLC and Petra Capital Pty Ltd in addition to the previously announced contribution of Euroz Hartleys.

Jett Capital and Petra Capital will act as joint managers for Comet’s $50 million capital raise, while Euroz Hartleys will co-manage the public offer.

Managing director interview

Comet has received several inquiries from shareholders regarding the details of the imminent Mount Margaret acquisition transaction.

The company is unable to address each question individually, but plans to conduct an interview with managing director Matthew O’Kane to summarise the transaction highlights and explain the company’s forward plans.

Comet invites shareholders to submit their questions to before the interview is conducted and released to the market in mid-June.

Indicative timetable for transaction completion:

Source: Proactive Investor